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  • VEL FX Help

    Hello All,

    Paul put out a video on the new Library on Synchron Prime Orchestra a few weeks ago (Lol, good video Paul, I purchased the Product and I love it).  However, the topic of the video was focused on Vel FX.  Paul was kind enough to answer the question I posted, but I now realize I have been treating the VEL FX in the Synchron Player as a "Dynamics" controller.   The answer to my question informed me that I did not understand the powerful tool of VSL Vel FX. I use VEP Pro 7 religiously, especially for all my VSL libraries.

    How can setup something in VEP Pro 7 so that I may "Practice" the proper use of the Vel FX feature inside my DAW?  I rarely if ever use my Pitch Wheel on my Keyboard so I was going to assign CC2 to it. Create a template of instruments and ??.   I am trying to find an exercise to practice so I can effectively use the Vel FX feature properly (I can now see ALL the potential I have been missing <-embarrassing to admit). 

    If I posted this question in the wrong place in the Forum then my apologies ahead of time.  I was not sure where to post this inquiry?

    Thank you,


  • Hi Paul, 

    We have mapped Velocity XF to CC1, and it's actually  the perfect Dynamics Controller, as it lets you blend from pianissimo to fortissimo. 

    Not sure where I answered your question, but this sounds like it could be a misunderstanding... 

    Here's a good video from Fabio Amurri who explains the different versions of our presets


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you kindly for responding to my question. In this video: 

    I asked:



    8 days ago

    Automation of Expression and Dynamics?  or Just Expression?


    7 days ago

    Hi, it's both Velocity Fade (blending between dynamic layers) and expression (channel automation). 

    - Paul

    I just wanted to make sure I understood the correct of function VEL FX, within regards to the information in the video??  (within the Synchron Player).  The video really opened up my eyes/ears.  






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