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  • New M2/Synchron orchestral rig advice


    If y'all would be so helpful, I am trying to scheme up my new rig to replace my 2008 special edition VSL rig.  I don't replace things incrementally, because I obsess over stability.

    I ideally want a stable version of what 'vienna ensemble' was supposed to be as an ultimate out, but I never used VE because it gets along horribly with omnisphere, which is often a part of my mixes, though I won't think of as a factor in this new rig.  I also want to be able to have this rig 'locked down' in 2024, meaning I don't want to anticipate library content that is still being developed beyond the next few months.  This is a factor, because 'duality strings', of course, is a fairly new product, VSL can be unpredictable in this way, no one thought the i-lok change would hold up M1/M2 support as much as it did, but it is important to do things right more than on time, so I sympathize.

    So, is this rig possible right now?

    - M2-based (and not requiring a jerry-rig software interface to be running libraries designed for Intel)

    - a cohesive blend of synchron brass and duality strings in the same normal Logic environment

    - duality strings at the core of a synchron orchestra that is a cohesive, room-image thing

    I don't *expect* the synchron player to give me a full, beautiful room and necessarily get along well with omnisphere perfectly, would be nice, but I accept this rig being a purely synchron thing for the sake of stability.

    thanks for your feedback, especially if you succesfully have an M2/Synchron orchestral rig in logic running now