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  • very nearly none of my prior VEP projects are valid today

    I think one out of a dozen or so has loaded. Broken pipe, server not accessible, usually multiple issues amounting to invalid project. These are from 2020-2022. Is there any hope here? I'm not having issues with eg., Vienna Assistant typically from this location (and it's been more than one location this occurred in). Lately the project, or server project (doesn't matter) gets to 67% before it fails. I don't think anything loaded in these has any causal connection to these failures.

  • except for changes, obviously. A project from then is not really different than what I'll set up today. More use of Kontakt and VI Pro than right now and fewer Synchron Player; SINE player (working fine presently), BFD3, besides the VI Pro 2, Synchron Player and Piano; some MIR Pro from then, and MIRacle typically. Some are large, some are small, the *instances* might be relatively small. Oddly an instance with {only} Absynth 5 might load no problem, or maybe not oddly as it has not seen changes like some others. Most of it was instantiated as AU. This is in both the Silicon and Rosetta VE Pro flavors.

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