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  • any click per effects in Synchron Player in VEP = instacrash

    This is in the Silicon version of VE Pro. Also trying to manipulate a send to an Aux channel means crashing.

    all current versions, Mac OS 13.6

  • also touching the reverb controls (not the Aux ch. type) has done this. 
    Another symptom here since I've been going Silicon is the thing opens with the left column open when I've saved it with it closed, and the automation window has redocked. Slightly annoying to have to reset my basic look. For now I've given up on changing any effect or trying to change a send level, in favor of an outside effect on a bus.

  • Hi!

    I quickly checked here on my M1 and cannot reproduce such crashes - although I must add that I am running the current macOS Sonoma Beta. I also checked on my Windows 11 machine.

    Are you loading specific instruments, and is the VE Pro Server connected to a DAW? Maybe you have more details, and the crash reports for us. Please send them via email to - Thank you!


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • These have all been Synchron Percussion. Not Synchron-ized. EG: High Gongs Ensemble still has "Rotary' and a Cabinet in an Aux ch. Touch a level in Rotary, whether connected to Cubase 12 Pro or not and instant crash.

    I found two entries in Console at the times this occurred today and sent to support