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  • Waiting for Reply from Sales/Support

    Good morning, I recently bought VSL SE and then updated it to the Sychron-ized versions the next day. As much as I love it, it’s not going to work with the projects that I am doing and I need to figure something else out. The main problem is that I didn’t realize that there weren’t any sort of vibrato control or patches in VSL SE. It is totally my mistake, I’m just trying to see if I can fix it in any way. I’ve been trying to sort out if I have any return/exchange options on VSL libraries that I bought through BestService. I sent a message the other day and got a response saying that I had to contact BestService support. According to BestService customer support, I can’t process a return because they can’t remove items from VSL accounts. I sent another support ticket through VSL support asking if there was any way I can exchange what I bought for store credit and haven’t heard a response. Granted, I did this all on a Friday, so maybe no one has seen it yet. I was wondering if the folks at support or sales work on the weekend or if I should just be patient and they will get back to me on Monday. I hope you all have a fantastic day! Jonathon