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  • Auto assignment of instruments in VEP server?

    I know you will all probably laugh at this, but let's say I load one of Jay Bacal's old projects, it loads a VEP server project on the side, and it has all the typical instruments (this one in particular being the Star Wars Imperial March, but can be any) that you would expect in one of these songs, typical orchestral instruments and sections like brass, woodwinds, strings, etc. But you don't have the same libraries Jay used, so all the slots are empty (sorry, this forum doesn't seem to have the ability to post images).

    Now, so far I have few VSL products, those being the free ones, the Epic Orchestra 2.0, and Synchron Prime. So my question is, rather than going slot by slot in the VPE server loading the Synchron player, and then inside of it, finding and loading the piccolos, then the flutes, and so on, meaning, the tedius work, is there a way to optimize that in VEP? Even if I don't own the particular libraries and instruments within them that Jay used, is there a way to tell VEP to do the same thing I would do manually, but automatically? 

    Even if it's not perfect and it guesses wrong, but if the track in VEP is called Piccolo, then, it would find the Piccolos you have in the Synchron Prime and Epic Orchestra and maybe give you a choice, or at least just load the first one it finds. Something to avoid losing hours going channel by channel in VEP loading Synchron player, then navigating to the piccolo, the flutes, the oboes, and so on.

    Am I talking crazy here, or is there something like that in VEP?

    Additionally, is there a way to see, in these loaded server projects that don't have any instruments loaded, which was the VSL library and specific instrument that was used in each? Because they may have the name of the instrument, but that's all I see, not which of the different versions of that instrument was used in the project.

  • Hi Sebastion,

    I am afraid the answer here is no - that is not possible. We do offer "Prime compatible" presets for our Synchron Woodwinds/Brass/Strings Pro - but obviously Jay did not use them. But still, one would have to replace the presets by hand.

    Sorry for not having better news for you in this regard.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Hi Andreos,

    I thought that probably was the case. But I wonder about something similar, knowing that most likely the answer is no, but then as a suggestion.

    What if Vienna Ensemble Pro had a way to get the track names and turn those into instrument channels in VEP? For example, say I load a MIDI file, either one of your tutorials, or from many other places. When loaded in Cubase, each track usually has the name of the instrument. So this script/feature would get the name of the track, for example "Violins", and assign a channel in a VEP project, loading an instrument that matches that the best, for example the 1st Violins from Synchron Prime. If the track name is "Trombones", it would assign the trombones and so on.

    The result perhaps wouldn't be perfect, but at least it would save the user sometimes hours of having to replace instruments one by one in Cubase or whatever the DAW is. Is there a way to do that currently?

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