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  • Using VE Pro 7 and Kontakt 7 multitimbrally?

    Have one Kontakt 7 as Vienna ensemble pro instance loaded with 16 instruments, but the output goes to the master output.

    I want to use the mixer in Vienna Ensemble Pro and see the 16 instruments from Kontakt there in the mixer and each individual instrument goes to the master output.

    Is this setup easy to do ?


    Can also use a Kontakt plugin for each instrument in Kontakt in Vienna Ensemble Pro , and then the mixer is too easy to use, but this setup will use a lot of CPU power?  


    Which of the two setups do you prefer ?



  • It's not very difficult to set up in Kontakt but you'll want to read the manual if it's not immediately intuitive from looking at the layout. However when combining stereo outputs with mono outputs there are hiccups particularly past a certain number (I don't remember, I don't have any use for this).

    Personally I don't use Kontakt for very many instruments in one instance. Now I'd probably eschew it altogether, frankly. It isn't going to save significant CPU time unless we're talking hundreds of nkis or something. There are things I have which are not configured as multis in the folder so I would have a few in an instance that are articulations of the same instrument (like in the old days) but I'd just as soon use a folder that collapses and load them under one port but the several channels, as set up multiple outs from Kontakt.

    That said I'll always use BFD3's outputs to VE Pro, as it's a very different sound (much more present/loud) this way.


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  • Thanks, Doesn't matter all that much for processor usage as I understand it or multitimbral or each instance a contact instument.

    What is the easiest setup where this is concerned...

    Also don't have a huge number of instruments in the Vienna ensemble pro server to connect, because can only use 128 at a time anyway ( is already a lot of 128 for a composition and don't use that)

  • If you must do it, it's pretty obvious from the GUI of Kontakt what to do, or RtFM. For the VE Pro side, you use the Input type of new bus; it carries a pop-up menu where you see the channels to draw the input from.

  • I'm having difficulty setting this up too. I created the additional stereo outs in Kontakt and set it as default. But after creating the the auxiliary channels in VEP with the + button, when I attempt to create inputs I cannot see the outputs I created in Kontakt. I only see under the 'channel' option 2-56 available channels. The naming in VEP doesn't include [Kt. st]. 

    Help would be appreciated. 

  • Only have experience with the Vienna ensemble pro vst plugin in combination with the Synchron sample player which is not multi-timbral.

    With this I then get 16 midi channels on midi port 1.

    On the Vienna ensemble pro server (VEP) I use, the Kontakt sample player can be connected to any of the 8 midi ports : multi-timbal..haven't done it yet

    ( haven't figured it out yet ) 

    Now I have a Kontakt instance set up for each instrument and that takes processor load.

    I am in the same situation as you yet to get it clear how the setup should be done to get Kontakt sample player multi -timbal in Vienna ensemble pro-vst + the 7 Event plugins working.

    Can't answer your question unfortunately yet.     

  • Hi, 

    Does this help?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks

    Yes, that's the information that helps.

    <In this way you can send the audio signal back to your sequencer on a separate channel for additional mixing>

    Only the routing of the audio signal back to the DAW I do not use ( Synfire Pro has no mixer and is also not a traditional DAW ) 


    Mixing is done on the Vienna Ensemble pro server. 

  • @Paul said in [Using VE Pro 7 and Kontakt 7 multitimbrally?](/post/317837):


    Does this help?


    Not really, LOL.

    In Cubase we can just activate the outputs called 'Kt. aux 1 [Stereo]', and it just works.

    In VEP, after adding the addition channels with the + button and then navigating to the channels, there are no 'Kt. aux 1 [Stereo] channels available. And adding additional stereo channels inside Kontakt, the same happens i.e. no stereo channels. Just a big long list of strangely named channels that don't make any sense to me. And the channels auto assigned with the + button don't work.

    In Cubase this took me 30 seconds to get up and running. In VEP it has taken me 90 mins so far with no results.

  • Hi Bobo,

    Just checked here. No issues in setting up Kontakt as a multi-timbral instrument with individual outputs in Cubase + VE Pro.

    1) Start VE Pro Server + Cubase
    2) Insert a Rack Instrument of Vienna Ensemble Pro and connect the plugin to your VE Pro Server
    3) Create a VE Pro channel with Kontakt that listens to "All" MIDI channels - and inside Kontakt load your patches
    4) Assign the correct MIDI Channels (1, 2, 3 etc) for each patch inside Kontakt
    5) Bring up the "Outputs" view of Kontakt via the panel on the top. Click the "Presets / Batch Configuration" dropdown menu and choose the Batch Function to clear all output sections and create one individual channel for each loaded instrument.
    6) Go to the Mixer View of VE Pro and use the plus button to add enough additional aux channels for the Kontakt outputs you want to use. Also, assign the correct outputs for each Kontakt channel.
    7) In Cubase, click the "Activate Outputs" button on the VE Pro Rack Instrument to see a list of available outputs. Activate more outputs accordingly.
    8) Add more MIDI Tracks in Cubase and make sure the correct MIDI Port & MIDI Channel is assigned.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm not trying to set up a multitimbral instrument, I'm trying to route the 4 aux channels that Kontakt provides by default to individual channels, all within VEP. I have raised the levels of said aux channels in Kontakt but the channels VEP creates with the + button do not receive any signal.

    I assume that the + button activates outputs for that VST instrument, but again, the channels created with the + button don't seem to be receiving any signal from Kontakt. In Cubase this process is very straight forward as the outputs are labelled as Kt. aux 1 [Stereo]. In VEP they do not appear.


  • Andreas8420 <Just checked here. No issues in setting up Kontakt as a multi-timbral instrument with individual outputs in Cubase + VE Pro.>
    Thanks for clarifying this setup in Cubase

    Possibly a setup with Synfire + Cubase at the same time will not cause a problem on mac computers.

    But in operating system Windows, the two audio programs do not go together for the audio drivers.

    If you activate Cubase then Synfire falls away and thus the VEPro server.

    You would have to transfer the midi's from Synfire to Cubase and start assigning the instruments to Cubase.

    Is a lot of hassle on Windows and the mac computer can handle this better as I understand it.

  • @Paul said in [Using VE Pro 7 and Kontakt 7 multitimbrally?](/post/317837):


    Does this help?


    It is not yet information I can do anything with unfortunately
    The intention is to use 1 kontakt 7 sampler as a multi timbral instrument in the composer Synfire
    I use the mixer in Vienna ensemble pro server

    So I install 1 kontakt sampler and load it with 16 instruments

    On my composer I load a Synfire composer rack with a certain midi port and 16 midi channels and connect it to the kontakt 7 multi timbral with the 16 instruments where the 16 output is on VEP mixer and go to the master output

    I then create a "string" channel in VEP and load into it a Kontakt 7 multitimbral Vst with string instruments.
    To be continued ...


    Seems that currently about 20 Smart orchestra vst in VEP pro work without audio stutter with Synfire Composer , but with FX it will be less than 20 ? 

    Wonder how the CPU load is going to be for multi timbral Kontakts in VEPro ?: I expect to hear a lot more instruments than with the Smart orchestra vst. 

  • OK, i solved this by duplicating a multi timbral Kontakt 7 instance on VEPro server to 16 channels 
    First adding up tp 16 midi channels in Kontakt 7 as a multi 

    I guess that there is a very low CPU load for this setup!.

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