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  • Sunday break - a tribute to India's Moonshot

    Fancy a 3 minute break to get your mind off your current endeavours with western orchestral midistration?

    This'll do it!

    Recorded in 11 different locations during lockdown (and no mention of MIR 3D, LOL), this very short piece of Indian music serves superbly well as a joyful musical tribute to India's recent success in landing a rocket on the Moon.

    Stream it through your loudest mastering chain and crank it up! It rocks!

    Sandhya Raga by Ravi Shankar, performed by his students (YouTube)

  • Grand!

    Thanks for the link!

  • Not quite as authentic, but just as brilliant in combination:

  • Wonderful! Many thanks.

    I remember with much fondness the efforts of McLaughlin and a few others in the '70s in proving that well trained and highly accomplished musicians could make popular contributions to popular genres.

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