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  • Struggling with volume and dynamic range during recording

    During recording and arrangment (not the final mixing), I struggle to get the instrument volumes right, such that the instrument currently in focus (armed for recording) is loud and front. Somewhat like if you were the actual human that's closest to the instrument.

    For example, it's terribly difficult to get the rhythm and accentuation right and to compensate properly for the inevitable latency if your instrument is way back there on the stage mingled with the orchestra and not up front.

    I'm using Synchron Prime Edition in "VelXF sus - MOD" mode.

    I used to put a compressor or maximizer on each Master Bus in VEP Server, but only with limited success (it warps the overall mix). Simply ramping up all volumes is no solution either. Temporarily send CC 1 with value 127 is also a bit brute force, as it seems to have a profound effect on the character of the sound.

    The huge dynamic range is difficult to control in an editing situation.

    How do you deal with this? Is there a recommended way to temporarily put an instrument in the foreground?

  • “Is there a recommended way to temporarily put an instrument in the foreground?”

    Synchron is recorded in a multi-microphone array, and you can automate the mixer channels of each microphone. In this case, you can boost the “close” mic temporarily. Indeed, this is one of the strengths of the Synchron approach.