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  • Timpani VelFX doesn't work in Finale 27


    I have a strange thing with the timpani's in Synchronized SE1 plus in Finale 27.

    In every instance/instrument I can use a hairpin to affect the velocity (VelFX)

    except on Timpani's. The slider is on CC1 and it moves when I use the mod wheel on my keyboard.
    Works also when I write CC1 in Logic X.

    I have VelFX activated in the Synchron player and everything is set to "on".

    I use the HP SYzd SE file from VSL to get the right articulations and it works fine on everything

    except on Timpani's. I'm out of ideas. Anyone?


  • Hello petmar!

    Timpani is not a "sustaining instrument" for Finale. That's why it doesn't send MIDI-CC data for dynamic changes. There might be another way to manually add the CC-data for hairpins with Finale, but I don't know.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi petmar!

    I understand, but this 1% is not in our hands. Timpani is not a "sustaining instrument" for Finale, so it doesn't deem it necessary to send MIDI-CC data for dynamic expressions and hairpins.


    Vienna Symphonic Library
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