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  • weird bug, Synchron Player in Cubase 12

    This behavior is strictly from Synchron Player.

    I'm using it plugged into Cubase Pro 12, and it's the same in Nuendo 12. (This project began with/heavily relied on something that didn't work in VE Pro at all & I figured to just do it the old way.)

    These hosts provide for converting CC to host automation. With Synchron Player they're doing it automatically, incl. after specifically indicating "MIDI Part" for record destination. This is a real problem as it's getting all of it wrong, way off in the timing and eg., where Expression is 127 in the part but it's "-2.18" etc in the Host Automation. I don't like CC as automation in the project window anyway. because for instance the lowest number here is -80 which is 0 in CC, up to 0 in Host Auto. for 127 in CC. Now it's passing difficult to know to what extent these wrong-looking indications are effecting playback, but it's troubling in itself. This feature is probably great for those who take the control from Synchron Player mixer as given, ie., Mix 1/Volume = CC 41 etc which to my mind is properly Host Automation land. But I have no choice, I cannot make it stop. I'm going to plug all of it in VE Pro with any new project in avoidance, but I'm still mixing something from before and this is wasting time massively.

    edit = *using all latest versions*