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  • VEPro connection issue

         Hi there!

    I am the proud owner of many Synchron and Syn-ized libraries and i want to build a template with VEPro.I bought the app few months ago, and the last version that worked was 7.1.1406.All the other updates up to the latest one(7.3.3358) present this connection problem with the VEPro plugin, inside Logic.As soon as I try to connect,Logic freezes and the Apple wheel starts spinning! Finally it connects, but it takes something like 5 minutes or so.I had contacted VSL support, but they didn't give me any solution at the time.Well,i can still build the template with version1406, but I would like to be up to date!

           My specs are:

    Mac Pro 5.1, 2x3,46GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon,128GB ram,macOS Mojave(latest update).Logic Pro X 10.5.1 and RME FireFace 400.

    I would appreciate it if you looked at it one more time!

         kind regards

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