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  • Mahler's Adagietto in Vienna MIR PRO 3D

    As I've been working with the new Vienna MIR PRO 3D regularly for some time now, I wanted to share some of my more recent results with the VSL forum.

    Here is my 1st mix of the 1st part of Mahler's Adagietto for strings and harp.

    I've only used VI Series libraries (Solo, Orchestral and Appassionata), there are no Synchron Series instruments in this mix.

    The venue is Berlin Teldex, and no algorithmic reverb was added. 

    Personally, I find that the new HOA feature lifts the already excellent Vienna MIR PRO 2D to the level of excellent beyond belief. In my experience it has also made achieving the "3D" impression of the way in which an orchestra is staged considerably easier than it was before (even with a tool as intuitive as the old MIR).

    Hope you'll enjoy it!