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  • Using Legacy Mac Minis

    My old Mac Mini 5,1 stops at 10.13 (High Sierra). With the current iLok version of VEP on my main Mac mini 2018 running Ventura, is it possible to incorporate the old MacMini as a second computer in a Vienna Ensemble Pro / Logic network? 

    Logic does see the old computer and the VE server on it, but it does not see the loaded instances, nor will it create a new instance. There is a prompt that says both VEP's need the same version. Does that exclude any computer that can't run at least 10.14 (Mojave), per VSL's earliest system requirement?

    I'm further puzzled because a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to see that Logic on my main MacMini could drive the old Mac Mini and VEP / VI software even with eLicenser. Now I can't. Perhaps that's because of the most recent VEP upgrade? 

    This world is full of older, less expensive Mac Minis. I'd profit from any discussion regarding their feasibility in a networked studio setting -- even if they're only buying time. 

  • Are you running VEP 7 on the main Mac mini and an other version of VEP on the old one ?

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic
  • Hi Cyril. Yes, but that’s my point: as I read the system requirements, the current version of VEP needs at least Mojave, which is one version beyond the old computer’s capabilities. If the solution is to dial back the new Mac Mini’s VEP to a previous version for the sake of uniformity, I wouldn’t do it, of course. 

    I just want to know if the old 5,1 from mid-2011 has any place in a MIDI array (before it gets recycled…). From what I’ve read, Mac Minis later in the 2010 decade are more easily incorporated. 

    I coaxed a couple of extra years out of an old Mac Pro 2008 using dosdude’s patching software. I ran operating systems far beyond Apple’s stated limits for the computer, and that may be possible here too. But if there’s an easier solution, I’d like to know.

    Hopefully VSL can supply concrete parameters for legacy MacMini’s. I can’t be the only long-term user with older computers lying around the studio. 

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