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  • Firewall settings in the manual are too open

    I read the netwpork settings for VePro, especially the firewall settings at

    I like to discuss or point out that these settings might be a bit too open. This might only be important if you do NOT have a completely offline system.

    You specify to open ports TCP and UDP 6472-6473 for ALL programs and ALL networks.

    1. imho a more secure way would be to just allow the VEPRO dll/exe instance to access these ports, or Cubase itself. Not quite sure who is accessing here in the DAW.

    2. opening these ports to the PUBLIC NETWORK is a bit strange. Usually your network is a PRIVATE or DOMAIN but certainly not PUBLIC. If it IS public, then you should check your network setup. This is important for users with Computers who might connect to a public wifi (Laptops f.e.) These ports would be open for everybody then. Keep your doors closed to the public ;-)

    3. You might consider narrowing the RANGE of the allowed IPs to connect/listen

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