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  • Takes forever to shut down VEP?



    I'm on a two computer setup, both W11, I9-11900, 128gb ram. On the slave In my standard server project it opens 28 instances of VEP using about 95gb ram. On my main machine the projet is about 20 instances for 60gb ram.


    They both load very quickly, under 5 minutes, but shutting down take about 20 minutes. The instances are a mix of Synchron Player, Kontakt, Spitfire Player & Sine Player. Is this normal? If not, what might I be doing wrong?


    Many thanks

  • Hi jammusique,

    Deallocating samples is quite an intense process handled differently by different sample players inside VE Pro. But regardless - it's the plugin that unloads the RAM, not VE Pro. Force-Quitting VE Pro is one option - but not recommended.

    Best regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
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