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  • New Bug?: Connecting to server renames or deletes instances

    In my server project I have multiple instances all labeled by instrument group, etc. However, when I go into logic and connect to the server and say, for instance, I choose "Spiccato Strings", it then deletes Spiccato Strings in my server project and either:

    1) Labels is "Untitled 1" but instruments remain or 2) makes a new "untitled" instance with no instruments loaded. 

    Aaarrrgghhh! This started happening this week before the new update and still occurring after the latest Apple Silicon update and it's really making a mess of my server projects, now filled with a bunch of new untitled 1, untitled 2, untitled 3 (you get the picture) instances that may or may not have any of the instruments I set up loaded.. Anyone else having this issue? 

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