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  • VEP7 build 3310 makes disappear VEP from VST and VST3


    I have just updated VEP 7 from build 1526 to 3310 on Mac Pro OS Ventura and all apps using it showed that VEP7 server is not present. I checked in VST folders and true, all VEP7 server VSTs disappeared, only components are installed. Panic! as I am at the end of the project for "yesterday". Luckily (and here chapeau bas for VSL) for each app there is an archive option allowing for reinstalling previous versions. So I saved myself by reinstalling build 1526.


    WARNING! Installing Build 3310 on OS Ventura may put your work to stop until VSL corrects this bug.

    TEMPORARY SOLUTION: use "Archive" option to install previous working build.


  • Hi Witold,

    That's indeed a stupid glitch in the (silent) VA Installer.

    We've have posted the fix in the Apple Silicon thread already, should be corrected with the next update: 

    VE Pro 7 GLITCH-FIX for VST3 and AAX on macOS: Please use THIS WORKAROUND for now to install the software manually. The installation routine in the Vienna Assistant does not install these plug-ins properly!

    This installer issue will be fixed asap. 


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
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