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  • VEP & Logic Silicon : Servers disappearing in VE Pro plug-in & MIDI issues


    I'm currently working on a feature film with a lot of cues, and I absolutely have to use VEP in order to save time when switching songs. I know that Silicon compatibility isn't ready (WE ARE ALL WAITING THIS ASAP !!!!), and I'm aware of all issues (Click, Pops) when using VEP & Logic on silicon Mac.

    Anyway, I'm having a lot of issues with random disconnection of some VEP instances...
    I'm using Logic Pro 10.7.8 with VEP 7.2.156 & Ventura 13.5

    v7.2.1516 is supposed to have solved this issue....
    With Logic 10.7.9 it seems to be worse, my song doesn't open with all VEP instances connected and I'm unable to manually connect them.

    With Logic 10.7.8 all VEP instances seems to be connected at startup and after a while, some are disconnected

    (Error Screenshot @ the end of this post) 

    The "Recover" option doesn't solve anything an I have to quit Logic and relaunch....

    Second issue :
    With Kontakt (v7.5.2) instruments loaded on VEP server I'm only able to access Midi channel 1 from Logic...
    Sending MIDI data to any other Midi channel doesn't works with Kontakt multi


    Please, any fix or help will be really appreciated !!!!

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