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  • Problems registering VEPRO 7 to iLok

    Can anyone please help me? I am unable use my VEPRO 7 software - On the VSL page under "My Products" I am apparently registered with my license transferred to my iLok. However, there is no sign of this registration on my iLok and whenever I try to open my DAW (Dorico) I am continuously promted to register VEPRO 7 to my iLok.

    This is what is written on my "My Products" page:

    "Your iLok User (name not disclosed here) is now connected with with your VSL account. Please go ahead with your purchase or try our free instruments". I registered my purchase on 29/06/2023._ The iLock status on the "My Products" page has a green light saying it is registered to my iLok account. I have a serial number for it. When I open my iLok License manager and open the account where VSL says the registration is deposited, there is nothing listed and nowhere to deposit a license number. When, in desperation (back on my VSL profile page), I deposited my serial number in the box for purchases from a third party (despite the fact that I bought direct from Vienna), the message I received was that my serial number is already registered!

    In the instructional video there is a location close to the top of the "My Products" page where I can enter the serial number for my product. In actual real life this category doesn't exist fffor me on my iLok account page; just a green light at the bottom of the page indicating my positive registration status.

    Please help me, as I am going round in circles!

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