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  • Vienna Ensemble Quiting

    Hi Paul

    My system is as follows:

    MacPro 16 core Intel xeon 3.2GHz.

    96 GB Ram

    4 Terra Bytes of Hard disc space portioned into 4 sections.

    I have tried to open a Logic X project that uses 7 instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro and when it starts loading the 2nd intense  ( Horns) it quits.

    I am using the elicencer USB key.

    Could you please help me solving this problem.



  • Interesting problem !

    Is it crashing ?

    How many instruments in your 7 Ve Pro ?

    What player do you open in your VE instances ?

    What instruments are in the 2 VEP instance ?

    Do you re-boot when you start working on your music ?

    Did you check the memory usage ? any swap used ?

    Hard disk or SSD ?

    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic
  • HI John, 

    Additionally to Cyrils questions: 

    Do you have a backup version of that song? Does it open?

    Does it crash and do you get a crash report (that should help)?

    Does this also happen with other songs?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Cyril and Paul

    When VE Pro  gets to VE 3rd Instance on which I have French horns, some VSL instruments and other libraries such as orchestral tools Brass, and CineBrass samples.  This instance of VE Pro has 28 instruments on it.  After it gets to the 9th or 10 instrument VE crashes.

    The samples load from a SSD.

    I usually start up my computer I start Vienna Ensemble Pro then Logic and then from logic I open up the piece I am working on.

    The crash happened on Wednesday 19th July.  Up to then, it had opened with no problems. I thought the crash happened because I was using a elicenser key.  I have since converted to iLok (as recommended by your support team) and have spent the last 10 days down loading all my VSL libraries.  I am running the latest version of Mac OS Ventura 13.5 and the latest version of logic X. I tried opening the song today and VE Pro crashed in the manner I have described above.  When it crashes a report is produced.  Is it possible to send this crash report to you (how do I do this?) so that you can ascertain the reason why VE crashes.  I have tried opening other pieces, some open ok but VE Pro only crashes with pieces that use my orchestral template.

    I have tried opening the file with a backup version with no success.

    Thanks for your help.



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