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  • Sordino for Synchron Pro and Elite strings?


    Sordino strings are already announced for the new Duality collection. It's very interesting.

    I wonder though if sordino libraries will be provided for Synchron Pro and Synchron Elites strings. Since the release of these libraries (and even the Synchron I's I bought too), I've been hoping that the next new product announcement will be sordino strings for the collections I already own. In short, should I buy a new collection (again) to finally have Synchron sordino strings? In the meantime, I use the old SYNCHRON-ized collections which are very good, but very different.



  • Hi,

    Why couldn't you just use Synchron Strings I and Pro for regular articulations and Synchron Duality Strings (Sordino) for con sordino articulations? Paul said there will be two distinct libraries, one for regular articulations and the other for sordino articulations. So you don't have to own Synchron Duality Strings (Regular) to purchase Synchron Duality Strings (Sordino).



  • Hi David,

    That's a good suggestion. I would certainly have preferred to use String Pro's and Elite's sordino patches so as not to have to reprogram my scripts (Audio Grocery) for articulation changes.

    Anyway, thank you very much,


  • @C.B. said in [Sordino for Synchron Pro and Elite strings?](/post/316902):
    Hi, Sordino strings are already announced for the new Duality collection. It's very interesting.
    Hi, I find this statement interesting again. Where exactly was this announced? I'm also very interested in a "sordino" output specifically for Synchron Elite Strings. Thanks for a hint. Gerhard Richter

  • Hi,

    See Herb Tucmandl presentation:

    (≈ 36 min).


  • i know that other companies like Orchestral Tools also provide separate libraries for muted instruments but is very annoying if you use scoring software instead of a DAW. You have to switch back and forth between two different instruments or section which are in reality one and the same when the score indicates that a muting device has to be put on. for a number of bars and when it removed again. It would be much better in my opinion as an extension of the existing section dedicated instrument library similar to the standard and full versions of the VSL Synchron libaries.