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  • Server Connection Issue

    I am new to VEP and working on setting up the server. I also created a test Logic project as well.

    The first day the connection seemed fine. I was able to link the two. I left the two computers on and returned the 2nd day and the instances remained loaded but if I tried to load a new instrument the server wouldn't pop up in the connection window until I restarted both the server and logic. 

    Now on day 3 the instances aren't loaded and when I click on Vienna Pro within Logic instead of bringing up the connection window like it had been I now it pulls up the control window that lists Param1/Param2/Param3...all the way to Param512. I switch it back to editor but then I have to choose the corresponding instance again. 

    Any thoughts on why it suddenly decided to pull up the control window instead of editor and didn't load the correct instances?


  • Hi, 

    That shouldn't be the case. 

    Which OS's are you working on, and which version of Logic?

    Thanks for the additional info!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, 

    Logic is 10.7.8

    MacOS 13.4.1 on both machines

    I revisited today. Restarted both machines and none of the instances are connected and still brings up the parameters window. When I switch to "Vienna Ensemble Pro (Cocoa)" the server doesn't show up. 

    Both machines have Static IP and connected via Ethernet

  • I updated to the newest version of Vienna Pro today hoping that maybe it would fix the issue but it is still happening. Any updates?

  • Hi,

    Very strange, and no similar cases I know of. 

    Did you update to Logic Pro 10.7.9 meanwhile (you should)?

    Any other special settings (resolution or anything unusual) that might affect this?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL