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  • Mixer presets: Prime vs Synchron

    I really like the mixer presets in the Prime Edition as opposed to the bigger libraries. I think it's because they only use one close microphone. In my opinion, in the bigger libraries the focus is too much on the close ones.

    Example: Solo instruments, e.g. the flute, only have the close microphone in the Prime Edition, in Synchron Woodwinds it has close + mid. 

    I would like to know if the room mixes in the Prime Edition are the same as in the bigger libraries? Or do they have the mids mixed in?

    May I also ask if we could get the same exact mixer presets in the bigger libraries?

  • Thanks, Beat.

    I know about making my own presets, and I already invested a lot of time, but never achieved the sound I'm after. The only presets I like (as said earlier) are the ones in the Prime edition.

    Would be nice if someone from VSL could answer my question. I also have an additional one:

    The Room Mix consists of decca tree, surrounds and other room microphones. In the Stereo to Surround presets these room microphones have a delay of 21ms each.
    The Room Mix also has 21ms. I'm wondering if the microphones which are mixed into the Room Mix also have a delay unter the hood. Or are these microphones without delay and only the final Room Mix has this delay? Hope it's clear what I mean.

  • Hi,

    The RoomMixes are always the same in all Synchron products. No Mid mics in them. The mics have been all aligned before they got mixed together. So no latencies under the hood.


    Creating Mixer Presets for everybody's liking is impossible. But if you just do not like the close or mid mic in the bigger libraries just bring them down or mute them. If you want the exact same presets just copy them. I think it will not work as you have complete different section sizes.

    Hope that helps.