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  • Any step-by-step instruction page for transition from old Mir Pro projects to Mir3D?


    I purchased upgrade from Mir pro to MirPro3D last year, but felt it very difficult to transit from old Mir Pro projects to Mir3D.

    Wen I opened old Mir Pro projects, there was no response, no sound in Vienna Ensemble Pro with Mir3D, so I uninstalled Mir3D and have used old Mir Pro so far.

    I am using Nuendo for 5.1 channel setting. 

    Now I want to try transit again.

    Is there any step-by-step instruction page or movie for transition from old Mir Pro projects to Mir3D?

    Sam H.

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    Hi Sam,

    something must have gone wrong with your initial installation. MIR 3D was made to simply replace legacy MIR Pro. In fact we spent quite some time during its development to make sure that "old" projects open flawlessly and sound indistinguishable im MIR 3D. Personally, I switch between "old" and "new" MIR quite often*) for various reasons, and I find that it simply works. 😊

    However, if you you want to make really, really sure that everything works as expected, then please uninstall legacy MIR Pro before installing MIR 3D. It's not necessary to delete the legacy RoomPacks, though - MIR 3D relies on its own RoomPack format. Make sure that you have installed those, too, of course! BTW - Vienna Assistent will take care for these tasks.

    As a last step, create a new project in your host, instantiate MIR 3D and make sure that all Venues load as expected. From then on you should have smooth sailing. 😉

    ... if you _still_ encounter problems, please get in contact with - VSL's support team will take care for the issue.

    *) EDIT: Re-reading my message above it occurred to me that it is necessary to point out that projects created with legacy MIR Pro are upwards-compatible, but projects created with MIR 3D are _not_ downwards-compatible. IOW: Projects created with MIR 3D will _not_ open in legacy MIR Pro!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library