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  • MIR Pro: Panning the Microphone

    In the Synchron libraries (especially brass and strings) the main microphones are balance panned to push the instruments more to the left or right. This panning is only applied to the decca tree LR and the room mix (see attached screenshot).

    I'm wondering if this could be done in MIR Pro and how? I could put the instruments more to the left or right, but it doesn't sound the same to me. I also experimented with the volumes of the LR capsules and their dry/wet relations.


  • A Decca-tree based recording differs fundamentally from the Ambisonics-based version of the same event. The former relies on a mixture of spaced mics, the latter on a coincident array of mic capsules.

    You will be better off by apply panning to MIR 3D's output in the Ambisonics domain; the "conventional" approaches of an audio-engineer sitting in front of hs console _might_ work, but not necessarily so.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library