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  • Audio Send and Return Paths and possibilities ?

    Hi, all.

    Ive set up a basic FX setup on my PC using Pro Server which hosts a few Reverbs and FX, which is connected to a Mac as the slave machine with the Ensemble VST plugin via Ethernet.

    The thing is.. i can send a signal from my Macs DAW to the PC and get the signal back. All works fine..

    However.. i would like to be able to select with audio ins and outs to use for bussing signals as i dont want everything using the same send a return channels, at present everything is going through the Stereo Channels so all return signals are mixed in with everything else, which makes it impossible to isolate signals in the mix.

    I cannot work out how to get my sends to go out on different channels than using the stereo buss.
    although i can see the Vienna Instrument plugin has the ability to activate extra outputs and there is the separate audio insert plugin which has the assignable inputs..

    Im just wondering if what i want to do is actually possible..
    Because all i can actually get to work is everything going up and down the stereo channels on the DAW and the Pro Server host software.

    I hope ive explained what im trying to do in a way thats easy to understand..
    The crux of it is i want to be able to use the 32 internal channels to buss the audio back and forth.

    Im just not sure whether this can be done, so i hope someone on here may know ?
    Thanks for reading..

  • Hi Chris,

    Did you activate multiple outputs for the VE Pro plugin inside your DAW? We have specific routing instructions for each DAW in the VE Pro Manual.

    Here the Cubase example:

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing