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  • Send audio between instances?

    I was wondering in trying to create a more modular orchestral template, is there a way to send audio from one instance to a buss in another instance?

    The whole idea would be to load up different libraries, say the AB MSS in one instance and double them with CS Strings in a different instance while using the same audio pathway back in my DAW (Cubase 12 Pro). I essentially want to just send back Strings Short, Strings Long, Strings FX. But not a different set  of returns for each library, Just one set of returns. Is this possible?

  • Hi Ken,

    No, that's not possible. Audio of processed instruments is always returned to the host directly. It can not be routed into other instances or hosts first. You will have to load all those instruments you wish to layer into the same instance.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Thanks for the quick reply.