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  • Extremely slow loading times when increasing MIDI ports (per instance)


    I started experiencing extremely slow loading times when opening projects in FLStudio a while ago. I think it happened after updating VEPro 7.

    Every single Vienna Ensemble Pro VST3 plugin takes ages to load compared to before when it was instantaneous. I did a full clean reinstall and manually deleted all the ProgramData folders and anything I could find, since rolling back to a previous version did not fix the issue.. This worked for a little while, since the load times were fast again. However now that I want to actually do work inside the project like I'm used to I will have to increase the MIDI ports (per instance) to 48 to allow using all the instruments I have loaded inside VEPro server project.. Since clean reinstalling set them back to 8, which is the default, the load times were fast again. But now when I set it back to 48, the loading times are just insanely slow again.

    I tried increasing multiprocessing threads from 2 to 24 with AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor. That did not help.

    Not sure what I need these for, but I tried lowering Audio inputs (per instance) from 32 to 2. That did not help either.

    I pretty much need to have Audio outputs (per instance) set to 32 so I did not try change that.

    Somehow the only thing that seems to bring back the good old fast loading times is decreasing the Audio inputs (per instance).

    EDIT (typo): What I meant to say that decreasing MIDI ports (per instance) is the only way to make DAW projects load quickly.


    Could you maybe look in to it and try to fix this bug or whatever is causing it, or help me find a solution please?

  • Hi Oskar!

    Could you please specify? At one point, you say lowering the MIDI (!) ports improves the situation. Later, you state that only reducing the number of audio (!) inputs makes a difference. Which statement is true?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Hi Andreas,

    Sorry about that mistype.. I edited it to specify that decreasing MIDI ports (per instance) is the only thing that helps with loading times.

    I want to set it to 48 and have equally fast loading times inside DAW projects, like it was some time ago before a recent VEPro update.

  • Turns out i did not have Vienna Synchron Player and Vienna Synchron Pianos reinstalled. However it didn't change the loading times installing them again. Still very slow at 48 MIDI Ports (per instance).

    I guess big part of the problem and why it's so slow, is having to have a separate instance for each MIDI Port, and a total of 48 instances setup.

    I believe there's no way to have multiple MIDI Ports inside one VEPro instance for FLStudio setup (not one that works well anyway). I think for Cubase and maybe other DAWs that's possible. So basically every time I want to use one more MIDI Port, every instance takes forever to load all the 47 unused MIDI Ports.


    Basically for my instrument set 1, I have a VEPro instance (eg. Strings1), and 16 articulations all routed to MIDI port 1.

    For instrument set 2, a second instance, 16 articulations to MIDI port 2.



    Maybe if somehow it didn't scan the unused ports per instance, it could be fast again? I don't know how it works under the hood, so it's just an idea that I have no idea how to achieve.