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  • Synchron Brass Trumpet 1 and 2 expression maps long portato

    Hi Andi,

    With the solo trumpets in Synchron Brass Cubase expression Maps (Windows 11), I can't figure out how to switch back to short Portato after I switch to long Portato. In the attached screen shot I switch to long ( in green) after a short, but the long will last for the rest of the score ( I can't get it to stay long for just one note). Should there be a Portato Long and separate Portato Short. What am I missing?




  • Hi Dave,

    You will have to switch from "Portato" back to "Non Legato" or "Legato" if you want to continue with regular notes (like Long).

    Kind regards,


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing