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  • Mysterious Yamaha CFX playability problem


    First the context: I have the Steinway D-274 that I generally like, but I wanted something with more harmonics on bass notes (more "metallic" bass) especially when playing louder, so I tried the Bösendorfer 280VC which is very good for this, unfortunately the high register is very bright and stands out too much for me at any dynamics (even lowering the level of specific notes), so I am testing the Bösendorfer 290 "Imperial" and the Yamaha CFX at the moment.

    Everybody says the CFX is the "most playable" VSL piano, unfortunately I cannot play it properly at all, so there must be something wrong in my setup.
    No matter which velocity curve, I cannot control the dynamics reliably: it is over-reactive. Depending on the curve, either some notes are accentuated way too much, or muffled way too much, if I play a few grams too much or not enough. With the curve set as a compromise, both problems happen at the same time, though less severe.
    Frankly, it feels a bit like playing an acoustic piano VST with synth keys.

    With the D-274, Imperial, and even the 280VC and F308 that I also tried, I can play normally.

    What happens? Anybody experienced this?

    I have two explanations:

    1) The timbre change is more pronounced on the CFX than on the D-274 and Imperial, so you have to be extra-careful when playing. In other words I have a bad technique. But I never had this problem on normal digital or acoustic pianos (including top concert pianos sometimes), I studied classical piano for about 12 years and never stopped playing, so I am not sure.

    2) My current controller (Nord Piano 4) could be even worse than I thought, and send erratic MIDI velocity data, which would be easier to hear with the CFX than the D-274 because the former has more timbre change. It is well known that the data sent by the Nord Piano 4 to its internal piano engine is better than the data sent to the MIDI out (a shame in itself).
    Obviously I am not a very big fan of the Nord and will replace it, but I don't have anything else at the moment.

    Thanks for any idea about solving this problem
    All the best