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  • What's the best network setup for VEP 7?

    Hi, I'm currently using a setup where my main Daw computer and my VEP server is connected through a 30 dollar d-link switch which then goes into a wall socket which then goes in to the router which then goes into the modem in my apartment. It looks something like this.

    DAW PC > Network Switch (Port 1)> Wall socket > Router > Modem

    Slave VEP > Network Switch (Port 2)> Wall socket > Router > Modem

    Sadly when using VEP i get a lot of stuttering from time to time. How do I troubleshoot this?

    Can I somehow do a network test?

    What is the best network solution for VEP 7? Should I skip the switch and connect them into the wall socket seperatly so they have a specific input in the router or should I use the modem?