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  • iLok payment

    Hello all,

    I don't know if anyone can help me - this isn't directly to do with VSL so you could tell me to buzz off - but as I was switched over to iLok I'm just hoping someone may be able to help.

    My Zero Downtime is up for renewal in < a month and I need to change the payment method.

    I went on to the ilok site where I paid but I cannot for the life of me find where my payment method is. I clicked on my account then edit profile. There's nothing there about payment method.

    "Support" on the site didn't help. It seems to be a list of FAQs and some pre-constructed problems, none of which are anything to do with payment. There's no "Contact us" option anywhere on the site as far as I can see.

    Please can someone guide me to finding where editable payment details are held?

    Many thanks if you can.

  • Sign in on > My Account > Order History > Invoice. Your invoice shows the payment info.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @Dietz said:

    Sign in on > My Account > Order History > Invoice. Your invoice shows the payment info.


    Thank you for that. Unfortunately it doesn't allow me to edit the details. This is meant to be a recurring payment. This suggests that payment method is held elsewhere - but where is anyone's guess. That's a bit dodgy to me.

    As I've already been victim to an attempt at fraud the only action I can take is to ask my card provider to block the card and issue me with a new one. It means I can't renew my subscription. Not good - the site to take payment from me but won't let me edit the payment. 

    Besides, how come it's impossible to contact ilok? Weird. 

    Edit [It's a ridiculous site. I signed in, clicked "remember me" browsed a bit then went back to the my account page. It claims "session expired" and wants me to sign in again. Don't I just love coders who don't test their code. Unfortunately there's only one answer....]

    Again, thanks.

  • Works here, like mentioned in iLok's FAQ:


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Sincere thanks for that.

    I had all but given up. Ilok is not an easy site to negotiate and there's no way of contacting them if one has a query. The questions I'm likely to ask are not "frequently asked" ones.

    Again, many thanks.