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  • Elegant and functional way of automating Enable/Disable


    First of all , please excuse my clumsy English :-)

    I am trying to figure out the simpliest way to integrate the enable/disable function of VEP in my workflow within the DAW... (I use Cubase).

    I started by following the tip Jason Graves shows in this video :

    (Basically, using VEP automation pannel, he assigns CC24 on MIDI Channel 1 to enable/disable the Kontakt instance addressed by the corresponding track in the DAW thru the dedicated VEP MIDI Port)

    This is a great way IMHO to deal with enable/disable without leaving the DAW. The downside is that you need to issue the automation command from the track using MIDI channel 1 which is not necessarily the one you are working with.

    For example, if I have a Kontakt instance within VEP containin several instruments (let's say flute, piccolo and oboe), and if I would like to "wake up" the oboe, I must issue the automation command from the first MIDI track of the flute (the one using MIDI Channel 1), not from the oboe track.

    Having huge template, this is not very practical...

    Has anybody figured a way to deal with this from any track? (Other than assigning all 16 MIDI channel of EVERY MIDI Port with the same automation... that would drive me crazy!)

    Would it be feasible to implement a functionality like "wake on MIDI"?

    I would love to hear VSL advice on that topic.


  • I think you can use a midi send on your oboe track, that has a transformer (which only lets through the cc you want) and send that one into VEP on a different channel.

  • Hum... thank you, that's clever :-)

    It is a lot of tweaking when having a huge template, but I keep this tip in mind. Thank you!

  • I have a dedicated "button" in my Metagrid set-up that sends CC101,0,1 to turn on a channel in an instance and CC101,127,1 to turn it off. Works well! Needs to be programmed in VEPro, but it's doable!

    But of course an "activate on MIDI" switch would be FAR more elegant!

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