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  • Old Libraries

    I have some of the old Horizon Series disks from my early days on VSL. Of course, I don't use them anymore, I think they were for use in Gigastudio...remember that?  My question is, am I allowed to sell them? These are things that are so old they don't even show up in "My VSL." Is there any reason that they could not be sold?

    I also have the VI version of the Vienna Imperial Bösendorfer piano. I upgraded to the Synchron version and don't use the old one anymore. Can that be sold?

    I'm just checking to make sure I don't violate any licensing rules.



  • You're seriously confused about VSL. 

    There is no Horizon Series for Gigastudio.  The first VSL libraries were full libraries specifically for Gigastudio.  Then the proprietary Vienna Instruments started as separate and extremly high quality software that vastly improved upon Gigastudio. There was no Horizon series for Gigastudio. 

    Also, your implication that the earliest VSL libraries are so lame you "of course" don't use them - it shows you know nothing about samples or orchestral sound.  The fact is, the earliest VSL libraries are still superior to almost anything that now exists. They are still more detailed and high quality in the samples than anything now.

    If you don't believe that - then just go listen to all the samples of one of the first solo instruments - Tenor Trombone. It is beyond almost anything now existing for that instrument.  

  • Regardless, can they be sold without violating any licensing agreements?

  • Hi Michael C., 

    These 20 year old legacy licenses were never allowed to be transferred to another person. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    Hi Michael C., These 20 year old legacy licenses were never allowed to be transferred to another person. Best,Paul
    That’s what I thought would be the case. Glad I checked! Thanks, Paul.