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  • Synchron Pianos with Reaper

    Hello everybody!

    After some months tweaking here and there, I have found an interesting discovery regarding Synchron Pianos as a plugin on Reaper. I would like to share this discovery with all of you, in case anyone finds himself/herself in this situation and makes the most of this advice.

    I have tried some ways of using my presets for live performance (simple performance metric: number of voices after which cracks & pops start appearing), when using Reaper:

    - 1 virtual instrument track using Synchron Pianos as a plugin.

    - Multiple virtual instrument tracks (one for each mic) using Synchron Pianos as a plugin. <--- This worked flawlessly for some time...

    - Then I started using (without Reaper) VE using multiple Synchron Pianos instances, one for each mic (Thanks @Stephen Limbaugh for the performance tips).

    Until this stage of testing, VE was performing much better than Reaper. Then, I found out that Reaper also enables using VE as a plugin, using its "server" capabilities.
    So my best setup using Reaper now consists of a simple virtual instrument track which calls VE plugin and then, in that instance, I open a "multiple track (one per mic)" VE project.

    I sincerely hope this is useful for anybody.

    Best regards.

    PS: My current bottleneck is surprisingly my SSD. My limit is approx. 2200 voices with a 1024 samples buffer, moment at which my SSD reaches its speed limit. It might sound as a lot of voices, but when you play Debussy or Chopin on 7 or 8 mics with lots of sustain pedal, it's easy to go over that number. Speed test utility says 1000 MB/s. Synchron pianos shows 625 MB/s on its settings info.