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  • VEP instance's Master not receiving signal from channels


    I've reported this to the support, but let's see if I can find someone have dealt with this same issue.

    I'm using this chain: Dorico Pro 4.3.30 --> VEP 7.2.1516 --> MIR 3D. The instruments in the problematic VEP instance are all VIP. I'm on an Intel Mac, Mojave.

    The project has been working fine up to before the latest wave of software updates. Now I have this problem:

    - Up to a certain point, an instruments plays on that instance, sending audio signal to the instance's Master Bus.

    - At a certain point, the Master Bus becomes disconnected. No instrument in that VEP instance can send signal.

    - If I solo a channel in that instance, I can hear it. Solo a second channel, and again no signal to the Master Bus. This happens if soloing from VEP or MIR, not from Dorico.

    - Adding a new SY Player to that instance seems to temporarily solve the issue. But not always. Also temporarily solves the issue creating a new Master Bus channel, and routing there the channels. Maybe also switching on/off the instance temporarily solve the issue.

    - I've explored the CC sent by Dorico on the instruments of that instance, and it doesn't seem there is anything strange at the point where the signal disappears (that, apparently, is never the same).

    Any idea?


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