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  • "It seems you are starting this application through Remote Desktop"

    "It seems you are starting the application through a Remote

    Desktop Connection. This application needs to run under a local

    administrator account. The Remote Desktop connection will be

    closed, and the application will restart.

    You will need to reconnect to your Remote Desktop."


    Well spotted, I am...and I never had to reconnect before I switched from E-Licenser to iLok Cloud.

    This transition has been horrible. I have to okay numerous ilok windows before VEP7 even starts, about wanting to open up an ilok cloud session. I have 3 licenses, run on 3 separate PC's and often one of them won't open because it thinks it's already active somewhere else.

    One of the PC's has the MIR license, and that PC is connected via VNC. The other 2 use Remote Desktop - which now wants to disconnect and re-open every day.

    I've set those applications to run in Admin mode which appears to make no difference.

    I could really use some help with this but after emailing VSL directly weeks ago and making a 2nd post here now with more info, I'm not holding my breath; I was looking to purchasing Synchron Strings but with this iLok debacle I'm hesitant to spending any more on any VSL product.

    Some help please?

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    Hi Joris,

    Thanks for posting.

    I looked through our support cases and couldn't find a recent support request from your registered email or under your name... Can you please tell me the case numbers, so I can check what happened?

    With the iLok Cloud, you can only use it on ONE computer at a time, by design. So whenever you want to switch, iLok has to deactivate the license on another computer.

    With a multi-computer setup, physical iLok keys will make sense.

    Regarding admin rights with VNC and Remote Desktop: Are you not logged in with an admin account on all computers?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    The email was sent from on the 7th of March to

    I understand what you're saying about iLok cloud, though I have 3 licenses that are on the cloud currently.

    It seems I'll have to get at least 2 iLoks to ensure it runs without issues on my slaves (the final one I assume can be a 'roaming' one then?)

    Admin - afaik all the accounts that are logged in are admin accounts, and I'm not having any issues with any other software on any of the 3 machines. Only, this seems to be an issue with RDP, as the VNC machine has no issues with starting VEP and doesn't want to log out.

    That said, I've been using RDP for years (and only changed the one slave machine to VNC, as MIR wouldn't run in RDP) and never had an issue with previous VEP versions?

    Is there a way to disable MIR on machines that don't have a license?

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    Hi Joris,

    I looked for a case from "" in our ticket system, but couldn't find any recent cases (found 2 cases from 2010 and 2016).

    You should have received a confirmation with a case number, right after you sent the mail... I wonder what happened here.

    Yes, you will need physical iLok keys to use your licenses on multiple computers at the same time.

    Regarding the message:
    MIR Pro is not active if there is no license available. Do you get this message when opening VE Pro or MIR Pro?

    Please send us some screenshots:, I'm sure we can figure this out.

    In general, we're doing our best to make any adaptations to the constantly changing software environments painless.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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