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  • Kontakt 7 Mac <=> Windows VST3 compatibility?

    Hi there, 

    I sent a VEP server "Instance" preset with several Kontakt 7 instruments (made on Windows PC) to a partner who woks on MacOS. He uses the latest VEP version (iLok) as me and the same Kontakt version (7.1.8 in this case). After he loades the "Instance" preset into VEP the Kontakt 7 instrument labels are in red "Intalic" which means that K7 is not found. The same problem is if he store a VEP instance presets with K7 and I open it in Windows VEP Server (Kontakts are in red).

    Any clues? 

  • Hi Peyo,

    Thanks for reporting!

    I was able to reproduce the issue and notified our developers. I'll let you know when we release a fix for it.


    Support Team | VSL Content Creator
  • Thanks Erik, it will be a major fix!

  • Hi Peyo,

    Just writing to let you know that we have fixed the issue! Head over to Vienna Assistant to update your Vienna Ensemble Pro.

    All the best,

    Support Team | VSL Content Creator