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  • Bug: Mir Pro Automation windows moves futher left every time on [F3]

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    Ensemble Pro 7.2.1516 (64bit) Server

    -in main windows actiovate automation panel with F5

    -no instrument must be opened! If so, close the VST window

    -hit F3 for mixing window

    -hit F3 again

    -hit F3 again

    Every time on F3, the automation windows moves futher left overlayering the mixer window.

    Expected: It sould stay in place


  • Thanks for reporting. We are actually talking about a Vienna Ensemble Pro related issue, aren't we? MIR 3D has no mixer window that opens with F3. I'll make VSL's developers aware of the issue. Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • argh sorry, I revised the bug report. Absolutely correct Vienne Ensemble Pro.

    I also notice that this issue can NOT be reproduced if an instrument-window has been opened.