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  • VEP Pro {7.2.1516) Plugin load time issue (iLok)

    Hey guys, I'm on Logic 10.5.1, Mac OS 10.14.6. Upon upgrading VEP pro to 7.2.1516, I'm experiencing extremely slow plugin load times. It takes nearly a minute just bring up 1 plugin instance of VEP in Logic. At which point Logic is completely locked. My slave running the server session is fine during all this though. So after about that minute the plugin window finally pops up, then when you ask it to connect to an instance on the slave, the same issue happens again. So it's nearly 2 minutes just to bring up the plugin and have it connect to an instance, imagine if you have many instances to connect to.

    I've since downgraded to 7.1.1406 that doesn't have this issue but would like to be using a current version that doesn't have this problem.

  • Hi exiquio, 

    Thanks for reporting!

    We can't reproduce this here... What are the specs of your computer?
    Just to be safe I understood this correctly: You are inserting 1 new VE Pro plug-in in an empty song, correct?

    Thanks for additional information. Ideally, please get in touch with us directly:!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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