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  • Orchestra String Runs Per Instrument in Synchron

    Hello Paul, 

    Question 1: Is the following correct regarding string runs in the currently available Synchron libraries?

    1. They only exist in Synchron Strings FX.

    2. I just listened to the runs in the video. They are "FX-ey," and in sound and intent, they differ from standard runs and arpeggios found in Synchron-ized Woodwinds, for example (as drawn from the runs in the initial VI winds).

    3. Aside from cranking up the "close" mic position, I don't think the FX patches can be isolated by instrument. 

     4. The VI Orchestral Strings -- among the oldest libraries -- have not been Synchron-ized, so those runs are not available in the Synchron format. 

    I am looking for straight-forward runs and arpeggios in either native Synchron or Synchron-ized libraries for violins, violas, cellos and basses, and it appears they're not yet included. In lieu of such patches, I've needed to load my VI runs and of course, they have fewer options related to tempo sync. 

    Question 2: If the above is correct, is it possible a subsequent Synchron library might include such runs?