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  • Please, consider implementing this feature into VE Pro.

    I haven't been this excited in years, but I have started on the path of creating my own custom template with on two PCs with Cubase and two servers of VE Pro.  I don't know why this all seems so amazing all of a sudden, but it just does and I can't get enough of figuring all this out right now.  I think I just want a very comprehensive starting point for composing without rebuilding a session EVERY single time.  I have a LOT of libraries, Synchron, Synchron-ized, and others.  Building this template is forcing me to get familiar with ALL of them.

    So the feature;  Why have you not just implemented a midi-learn or dedicated midi command for enabling and disabling track/channels in VE Pro?  I am loading a LOT of libraries, and it's really exciting, but I'll obviously want to start with nearly, if not all, Synchron Players, Kontakt instruments, etc, in the disabled position.  I know that disabling can be automated, but it has to be setup for EVERY single instrument, and that's a little crazy.  Why not just say that midi CC-XX turns on and off the enable/disable, so there is no setup, other than having a single midi button, fader or knob set to that cc number, and it would work for ALL the instruments in all instances, immediately. 

    So much of VE Pro is so well thought out, that this just seems like an oversight as people constantly build disabled templates.  Please don't take this as a complaint, but I do feel really strongly that it should be a no-brainer to implement this or something like it.  Alternatively, perhaps you could make it a simple right-click to "midi-learn" that enable/disable button, so that any already established midi controller could be setup per track in a second or two.

    I am not super experienced in all of this but am working my way through learning everything I need to in order to utilize all this great stuff.  I have no doubt that someone will chime-in and explain that I'm somehow missing an easier way that already exists, but to me, it seems like we currently have to assign the automation to every single instrument in VE Pro to accomplish a simple enable/disable from a midi track in our DAW.

    Thanks for listening and I'm all ears if I'm missing something.