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  • VEPro7 and soundsets

    Hello Andi,

    I've been reading about VEPro7 recently (I'm using the free version of VE at present). I've read that it is possible in VEPro7 to have collections / instruments in a single instance that require different soundsets in Sibelius. This seems pretty amazing, after many years of setting up separate VE instances for different soundsets. How does VE7Pro manage to do this?

    Best wishes,

  • Hello Oceanview!

    You can find a description on how to use multiple MIDI ports with Vienna Ensemble Pro and the VE Pro Event Input at the following link under "More than one Vienna Ensemble".

    Best wishes,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • If you use VE Pro you don't need VE Pro Event Input or multiple instances.

    I use one running copy of VE Pro with one instance that has 48 midi ports each defining up to 16 instruments.  Were I still using Sibelius, I could define each midi port e.g. 1MolCp3Pipe11 (I'm using MidiOverLan) against a specific soundset so in theory up to 48 different soundsets - if you're using vendor-supplied soundsets they tend to be based around an orchestral section so simply split the 48 available ports into some for woodwind, some for strings and so on.

    i.e. first VE Pro instrument specifies port 1MolCp3Pipe11 channel 1, the next channel 2... then the 17th would be in my case port 1MolCp3Pipe12 channel  1.