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  • VEP7 Reloading Instance when saving/undoing

    Hi VSL friends!

    Non-pressing issue:

    When saving in Logic or undoing some changes having to do with tempo or moving regions, 1 of my 6 VEP7 instances reloads.  To my eye, all of the preserve/enable/connect/buffer/decouple settings are identical on all instances.  Yet, on the master computer, one of the instances reloads when saving, whereas the other instance on the master plus none of the 4 on the Windows salve, reload themselves.

    Not a big deal, but kinda weird.

    VEP version: 7.1.1427

    Apple Logic: 10.7.3

    OS: 11.7

  • Hey Stephen, Interesting… What‘s loaded in that specific instance? Can you please send me your file, so we can look into it? I assume that wasn‘t the case with 1406, correct? Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Only thing in the VEP instance is one instance of Synchron Pianos.  I need to strip some of the stuff dialogue and movie stuff out of the session before I can send cause it's an unreleased project, but I'll try to do that when I have a break this weekend.  Thanks!

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