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  • I have to compose for 3 singers: mezzo-soprano, baritone and bass.

    Good evening,

    I have to compose for 3 singers: mezzo-soprano, baritone and bass. I use, in Dorico 4, the VSL templates for the solo voices, but I can't find the mezzo-soprano and the baritone (but the bass, yes). What can I do? Should I make a new map myself from the existing ones?

  • Hello Claude Marc!

    All three solo singers, that you have mentioned, load fine here with the Dorico playback template "VSL SYzd Voices".
    Could it be that you have section players instead of single players in your score?

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you Andi for your answer.

    The problem is the following: I use a global model from another bank (I will explain why below in P.S.). When I go to choose manually an Expression map for my singers, there is only "SYzd Voices - So, Al, Te" and "SYzd Voices - bass".  In the global template option, there is the "SYzd Voices" template and everything is fine, but not in individual Expression map.

    P.S. Why do I have to use another bank ? Because, despite my purchase of "SYzd solo string", the Expressions maps are not complete (while they are complete for the other bank, or at least more advanced - without the repeat patches though). This is very disappointing. Not even a programmed harmonics patch, according to my tests, which is not a very rare articulation! I prefer my VSL products, but I'm not sure I want to get into programming Expressions maps.

    If I can get help with this, here is my nomenclature:

    Mezzo-soprano (VSL SYzd)
    Baritone (VSL SYzd )
    Bass (VSL SYzd )

    Clarinet siB (Other - I have the full VSL clarinet but VI, so no Expressions maps)
    Bass clarinet (Other - this instrument is not offered individually in VI, and anyway no Expressions maps). Note: I have the SYzd SE Vol. 1, 2 and 4, but I would have to buy also the Vol 1 + at 265 Euro, which is getting expensive, especially if the Expressions maps are not complete). 

    Piano (VSL SYzd)

    Percussions (VSL SYzd SE) 

    String quartet (Other)


  • Hello Claude Marc!

    The expression map "VSL SYzd Voices - So, Al, Te" works for mezzo soprano too and "VSL SYzd Voices - Bass" works for baritone too. In our expression maps you can always find information under Expression Map Data for which libraries/presets they work.

    Our expression maps for SYzd Solo Strings include harmonics. I have just re-checked. They work fine here. I recommend writing artifical harmonics.

    Add. Bass clarinet. A bass clarinet is included in SYzd Special Edition Vol. 1. So you already have it. I don't understand why you think that you have to purchase volume 1 PLUS to use it. And why do you think that the expression map for it is incomplete? What do you miss?

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Expression Maps For VSL SYNCHRON Ized Solo Strings Full Presets/306515

  • Hello Claude Marc!

    Usually all articulations that can be added with Dorico articulations are included in our expression maps. Articulations that need custom playing techniques and custom playback techniques (such as fast repetitions) are normally not inclued.

    Portato is included. I don't remember if fp works with Dorico expression maps. If it does, it is included. If that's important to you, I can check on Monday.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I'll try to check it out myself and do a review of it all (on the basis that all the joints are present), as my preference is to just use VSL. I'll get back to you if I have any more difficulties.

    You are a great help Andi, and I thank you. 

     p.s. And I just realized that I had volumes 1 and 2 +! All is well.

  • Hello again Andi,

    Things are going pretty well, but I notice that in the map expression of the second violin of the solo strings (and in the corresponding banks), there is no marcato attack. Disappointing. It is however there in the SE version for this same second solo violin.

  • Hello Claude Marc!

    It's good to read that things are going well for you.

    We didn't record marcato attacks for the Solo Strings collection. SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition Vol. 1 includes layered marcato slots (sustain + staccato) for Solo Strings.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Andi,

    Another question on the Expressions maps point concerning Solo strings in Dorico (I'm still looking for my best possible configuration for my solo strings):

    The Playback Model loads a basic version of the instruments. If I want to use the full version and so I load it, there is a mess in some articulations (the repeat samplings, for example, are called without being necessary). The user has to correct the expression map in this case, or am I wrong somewhere? Don't you have anything for the full versions of the instruments?

    P.S. I just read elsewhere that this is not available. Too bad. Is it available for Cubase, though? No more. It is written :Expression maps for the full presets are not included. Such expression maps would have to be very extensive and would leave no space for notes in the Cubase Key Editor.