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  • MIR 3D: Venue presets handling

    I really love the new presets manager in MIR 3D and especially the one for the Synchron Stage.

    Three questions:

    • Is there a way to duplicate a complete Vienna Standards preset with all instruments included? Haven't found a way to do it.
    • Is there a way to have multiple microphone arrangements in one user preset for quick A/B testing. At the moment I have to duplicate the whole preset.
    • I don't like the behaviour that the presets list is closed/collapsed when I close and re-open the manager window again.

  • - Create new Venue Preset by duplicating the active one: Click the "+Disk" symbol in the Browser on the left. It appears when the cursor touches the line.

    - A/B testing of Venue settings without applying Roles: Create two Venue Presets that contain the settings you want to compare. Disable Auto-Apply for all Roles (you can still manually apply them if needed). - Now you can apply the Venue Preset's settings without changing the Parameters of the Icons. (see attachments)

    - Behaviour of the Preset Manager: I took note of your critique. :-)




    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library