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  • Vienna Suite (Pro): Compressor Presets

    The presets are really handy for guys like me who don't have engineering experience. But unfortunately there are some instruments missing, e.g. Dimension Brass (only trumpets available).

    I'm wondering where to start on my own... What does these values indicate? Only looking at the numbers I could think that these have something to do with the natural volumes or maybe the distance the instruments were recorded at.

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    @Pixelpoet1985 said:

    I'm wondering where to start on my own... What does these values indicate

    I'm not sure that I really understand the question. Which "values" in particular?

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Sorry! I mean the dB settings for threshold and gain. Gain is overall almost the same, but the threshold changes. And from these "values" I thought it could be related to the natural volumes. It's really a noob question, because I have no experience with compressors at all.

  • Oh! I see. These settings were made with the original VI player, all settings at default. Depending on your worklflow will have to adjust the threshold of the presets to a value that fits your needs. Moving the threshold fader to a position where the reduction meter starts to show its processing during the louder parts of your arrangement is always a good way to start.

    Compressor presets are much more generic than EQ presets, so there's nothing wrong with choosing seemingly "similar" instruments from the list for the few cases that might not be covered.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library