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  • Individual prices won't show after log-in

    For quite some time I always have to login daily, my user data won't get saved no matter what I do. And that's on all of my machines (macOS Big Sur/Monterey, Safari). But that's not really a problem.

    After the login I can't see my individual prices anymore. I have to put something in the basket first in order to "activate" the pricing system. Is there anything that can be done? I already deleted the cache etc.

  • Hi Pixelpoet,

    I just checked and from what I can see, the engine calculates prices correctly for your account. Examples might help a lot. Could you please get in touch with us via and provide the following:

    1) Log into your VSL user account.
    2) Go to the basket overview and remove everything that's inside.
    3) Log out and back in again.
    4) Make screenshots of the product pages of:

    • Synchron Woodwinds
    • Synchron Brass
    • Big Bang Orchestra Bundle

    Showing the price calculations that are presented to you... We can forward that to our IT, then.

    Happy Holidays,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Hi Andreas, 

    Hm... you probably changed something in my account. :D Now it works without problems. Very curious.

    Happy Holidays, too!