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  • VEP7 + BBCSO Pro + Dorico


    I try to create a template that I can use with Dorico. Following many tutorials out there that deal with Logic and Cubase, I unfortunately cannot find anything in this combination for Dorico.

    The problem is that the Spitfire Audio Player is not "multi-timbral" (I guess that is the word used when somebody talks about a plugin that itself has slots, like HALion does). So for each instrument I have to assign a separate Spitfire Audio Player Plugin. That seems to be ok as long as I stay within VEP. And while the track preset in Cubase provide enough options to address one VEP instance, I cannot find any such option in Dorico. 

    So far I successfully connected Piccolo 1 to the Woodwind 1 instance. But how do I assign the Piccolo 2? I assign another VEP plugin, but I cannot connect to the "Woodwind 1" instance anymore, which is already taken? What do I have to do here?



    I got it. In Track Inspector it is possible to address an already existing plugin and change the MIDI channel.



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    Our VSL for Dorico software (= free Expression Maps provided by VSL for the community) does not utilize VE Pro. John Barron from the Drocio Team did a Live Stream about Dorico & VE Pro. Maybe that's a good starting point for you to explore custom setups.

    Dorico - Live Stream No 25, 2020

    Kind regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • You don't need to connect to VEP again. Select the same VEP instance (Flutes and Oboes) in the Dorico Routing panel, but select the right MIDI channel for the Piccolo 2, etc.

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  • Thank you, Andreas, for your feedback! – I know that stream, but it does not work with BBCSO. And as mentioned: Spitfire Audio is special on the player market, as it is not timbral. That's what confused me. But I found the solution already.

  • Thank you, Bill, for your Feedback! – I finally understood, how it works. Great to have your confirmation!

  • just a little point -- it is strongly advised in Dorico to use VEP with the BBC libraries, not only for performance reasons as some systems like mine seem to struggle in the single timbral mode, but also because if you use the decoupled mode, you can exit Dorico but still leave VEP running with the template which means there's no need to spend ages reloading the instruments (the BBC is notoriously slow to load the patches) just because you close Dorico or want to switch to a different project.

  • Thank you, lunar_28664!

    Meanwhile my BBC SO + VEP7 template works fine, at least in a simple implementation. Some Youtube videos present rather complex setups, with presets and reverbs implemented in VEP rather than Dorico / Cubase. I still have to figure all this stuff out, but first I need to write some scores...

    Anyway, what is your approach concerning plugins? And do you do spacial setups in VEP7, too?

    (At the moment I prefer to use the VSL SY Prime, I think it is even better than BBC SO, which is already a really awesome library.)

  • I don't do anything fancy in VEP -- for an orchestra 3 instances for woodwinds, brass and strings+percussion. My BBC Core is supplemented by cor anglais, bass clarinet and contrabassoon from VSL Special Edition was they are missing in Core. I don't use instrument-level reverb as my fairly modest system wouldn't thank me. I tried MIR Pro -- no doubt excellent, but I don't have the system resources for such a thing and usually simply use a (usually Altiverb) single main bus reverb and very little in the way of other plugins, although Dorico includes most of the relevant ones from Cubase Pro and of course VEP also provides quite a few.

    Dorico can use orchestral libraries from any of the main vendors. My own preference is for VSL for smaller ensembles and BBC (or Cinematic Studio) for large, romantic symphony orchestras as the sound is rather warmer to my taste. VSL is probably the most straightforward to programme.